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【日 時】2016年  10月26日(水) 15:30-17:30

【場 所】PILATES&TRX Training Studio WORK-IN 北九州市小倉北区中井1丁目16-25 Biarritz2F


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BESJ 事務局 info@body-element.org



マスターストレッチ資格更新対象 マシンピラティス資格更新対象

【 日時 】

12:00~14:00 マスターストレッチ更新ワークショップ
14:30~16:30 マシンピラティス更新ワークショップ

【 受講料 】
1資格 ¥10,800

【 講師 】
BESJマスタートレーナー 菅原順二

【 会場 】
スタジオ ヘルスタ浜松

【 お申し込み・お問い合わせ 】
BESJマスタートレーナー FIELD ONE-Training STUDIO- 増田
TEL 054-637-2110
E-mail info@field-one.jp




東 京

【日 時】 2015年 8月 21日(金) 9:30-11:45

【場 所】 新宿 近辺(スタジオアランチャ)

【受講料】 10,800円

お問い合せ・ご予約 | mail@arancia78.jp  | 03-6324-5528

千 葉

【日 時】 2015年 8月 28日(金) 10:30-12:30

【場 所】 Studio B-meister

【受講料】 8,640円

お問い合せ・ご予約 |info@studio-b-meister.com  | 043-302-7313

大 阪

【日 時】 2015年 8月 12日(水) 15:30-17:30

【場 所】 Studio COLORS 大阪

【受講料】 8,640円

お問い合せ・ご予約 | info@studio-colors.com| | 06-4964-0735

BESJ事務局       info@body-element.org

MasterStretch Japan

MasterStretch Japan

MasterStretch® is a pair of boots with curved soles for gently rocking athletes’ ankles from heels to toes.
This rocking motion stretches, lengthens, and strengthens muscles and tendons in the legs and back.
It especially strengthens the ankle dorsal flexions and plantar flexions by shifting the center of gravity forward and backward.

◇ Correct posture and alignment of the body.
◇ Improve bow legs and knock-kneed.
◇ Improve balance and coordination by shifting weight back & forth.
◇ Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen foot,leg and back muscles & tendons.
◇ Reduce backaches, muscle cramps, muscle strains and tendonitis.
◇ Start and stop quicker, run firmer, turn sharper, and avoid falling.

For sports requiring flexibility and balance like soccer, basketball, tennis, football, and dancing, MasterStretch® helps
reduce muscle cramps, muscle strains, tendonitis, and backaches.
It trains the brain and muscle pathways (neuromuscular system) to adjust and balance body posture while moving or standing.


Invaluable Tool for Dance Workouts

“I have been using MasterStretch for the last six months and find it to be an invaluable tool in my daily workout routine.
There are myriad ways it can benefit the dancer, athlete or anyone interested in an easy way to improve and maintain
maximum flexibility and range of motion. The important thing is that MasterStretch is fun and easy to use and
therefore won’t be something that ends up sitting in the back of your closet.”
Bruce Marks, Chariman of the Jury for USA National Ballet Competition, Artistic Director Emeritus for Boston Ballet

MasterStretch® is a part of  BodyCodeSystem® in Italy.
The BodyCodeSystem is a method of evaluating and correcting movement patterns, devised by Founder Pino Carbone
during the 90s  after long and painstaking study, observing and working with the body’s movements and its effects,
tested over the course of  his 20 years’ experience training athletes and dancers and in the field of motor rehabilitation
and re-education.

【Training Course  Studio in Japan】
Tokyo  Studio arancia
Chiba   B-Meister
Osaka  Studio COLORS

Mail: info@body-element.org